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Making A Counter Flow Chiller (CFC) to Help Rapidly Cool Wort

Making A Counter Flow Chiller (CFC) to Help Rapidly Cool Wort

This project will handle creating a homemade CFC in as few steps as possible. You can learn from any mistakes here and create your own, better CFC or decide that an immersion chiller or plate chiller – think Blichmann Therminator™ (bright light in the sky and loud orchestral “ahhhhhh” music).

Oxygen Wort Aeration

In recent times I have become concerned that perhaps I am not giving my yeast enough of the love and care that they require to efficiently ferment a wort. I grow starters of decent size when working with liquid yeast but occasional long extended drawn-out fermentations, and the increased frequency of me brewing high gravity beers have led me to look at how I can give my yeast a better environment in which to do their thing.

The Haze Craze (NEIPA)

Love it or hate it, the New England IPA (NEIPA) is a style of beer that is here to stay. It’s definitely one of the more challenging beers to brew at the homebrew level. This article will hopefully provide some background on the style and provide some tips on how to brew this beer. There are also details of a my current, proven recipe.