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7-Day Pale – Kveik

I needed a beer for drinking at Christmas and didn’t have a lot of time. As I quite like it, and it’s convenient for me, I used Voss Kveik to turn this beer around in 7 days from grain to glass. Inspired by a beer I’d sampled from Tony T a few weeks before hand, l set about creating a beer based on my earlier experiences with the yeast. I’m not convinced it likes a lot of hops, but I don’t let that stop me trying to convince it otherwise.

The Haze Craze (NEIPA)

Love it or hate it, the New England IPA (NEIPA) is a style of beer that is here to stay. It’s definitely one of the more challenging beers to brew at the homebrew level. This article will hopefully provide some background on the style and provide some tips on how to brew this beer. There are also details of a my current, proven recipe.