ACB Sensory Day at CPL Aromas

ACB Members at CPL Aromas

Back in August 2019, ACB member Alan Osbiston very kindly invited fellow ACB members to CPL Aromas, a global Fragrance House located in Bishop’s Stortford, to experience the commercial world of aromas, fragrance analysis and fragrance creation. We took part in a smelling test to discover how good our sense of smell is (similar to if we were attending a first interview at CPL!) – we all failed the test by varying degrees! Following a very interesting tour of CPL, we then focused on how different hop aromas can be analysed. ACB members can download Alan’s presentation under the Resources/Downloads tab (the Downloads drop down is only accessible to registered members). There is a brief explanation of Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry along with some Headspace Sampling of Fuggles, East Kent Goldings, Cascade, Citra, Saaz, Tettnang.

Thank you Alan and thank you CPL Aromas for providing an excellent day out.

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