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Jun 02 - 23 2021


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Godiva hop challenge

This is event is now closed!

We will buy a large (by homebrew standards) parcel of Godiva hops and divide this amongst the participants for use in the “challenge beer”.

The beer can be any style, using any combination of fermentables and yeast the brewer wishes, but only the supplied hop can be used. Brewers will receive at least 100g of the hop, most likely in pellet form. Exact quantity will be determined once we know how many participants there will be.

Brewers will need to provide one bottle of their beer for each participant (we will limit this to 20) for sharing for subsequent tasting/discussion sessions.

We will provide details of the sharing and tasting sessions in due course.

Exact dates to be confirmed, but currently thinking of sharing target date around late April.

Costs of the hops will be shared with cost likely to be no more than £5 per participant – less if we can avoid the need to post hops. There may also be costs for beer distribution, if we need to post. Details to be confirmed, but the aim will be to minimise costs to members.

The event is finished.

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