Mar 05 2021

Elusive Brewing – Tasting Event with Head Brewer, Andy Parker

Elusive Brewing Logo

Date March 5th @ 20:00 onward.

Mixed tasting box available from by clicking this link.

10% Discount code

Tasting Session beers: Astoria, Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Morrisman

Meeting Link:

Register your name and email on the list for the discount code and meeting invite via email.

Register for this event if you’re interested in a tasting session with Elusive Brewing owner, head brewer and self-confessed “recovering home brew addict”, Andy Parker.

If you don’t know about Andy or Elusive Brewing (where have you been?) – Andy’s 8-bit graphics are synonymous in the craft beer world and certainly stand out.

Andy is widely known as the nicest man in beer. He is passionate about a “#BIPAcomeback”, which is justified with his version of the Cascadian Dark Ale/Black IPA (BIPA) “The Shadow Of the Beast”. In general, Andy is known for making some awesome small pack beers, like Oregon Trail (West Coast IPA) and superb cask beers, like the Level Up series.

Don’t miss this chance to sit in and learn first hand from a leading light in the craft beer world.


8 thoughts on “Elusive Brewing – Tasting Event with Head Brewer, Andy Parker

  1. Certainly interested as been enjoying some of Andy’s beers over the last few weeks and I’m a keen homebrewer.

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