The Maypole
20a Portugal Place, Cambridge, CB5 8AF


Nov 20 2021


12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Cambridge Meetup

We will be meeting at The Maypole for our second official face to face get together this year.

Agenda for Saturday 20th November 2021 Meeting

At The Maypole, Cambridge (Back Bar)

11:30-12:00 Arrival is anytime in this window. Please also order your


12:00 Meeting Opens (Jitsi streaming will start).

12:00-12:10 Familiarisation and introductions for any new members.

12.10 Agenda Items.

13.00 (Approx) Lunch will be served

15.00-15.30 Last orders/Close of formal meeting.

  1. Outstanding items from minutes of 18th Sep (if any).
  2. Dip Hopping Update (RA) – But only if anyone has tried brewing with it.
  3. Beer Clinic (Describe problem or achievement, tasting & discussion). This item will also include a tasting & Final Gravity calculation/discussion regarding an Oatmeal Stout brewed by DG.
  4. Lallemand Verdant IPA yeast (RA).
  5. The ‘Ferminator’ and, for those who own one, how it has coped with the warmer weather? (RA).
  6. Ghost Ship Recipe Discussion (RY).
  7. Braraggot, has anybody tried to make it? (PJ).
  8. Oxygen in Brewing, Prior to Pitching. Brewer’s foe? (PJ).
  9. Malt Conditioning (PJ).
  10. Gadget Corner/Hints & Tips.
  11. Admin Discussions:
    1. Future venue/s, suggestions for our meetings & discussion if group want more regular, informal meets (without an agenda)? Ray has suggested a CCB Woodforde’s visit. Roger has suggested Jisti weekday meetings around a single topic/beer tasting (All).
    2. Open Brewery Days (PJ).
    3. Jottings of the Cambridge Brewers/Collective Notes of CCB (PJ).
  12. AOB.

A Jitsi link will be sent out 2-3 days before the meeting by Andy (who will

bring his old MBP to the meeting and attempt to stream the meeting –

hopefully The Maypole’s wifi is good enough).

The event is finished.

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