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Mar 27 2021


Drop off and Swap date
All Day

Beer swap and tasting

Final date for sign up to this event will be 12th March 2021

Due to the success of our previous beer swap and tasting session over the Christmas period we are looking to do the same format again. The basic idea is to swap at least one beer (two if you want!) with the rest of the group and then we have tasting sessions where we sample a selection of the beers, discuss the recipe, brewing techniques and generally have a good time.

So as an example, if there are six people involved in your swap group and you wish to provide two beers you will be expected to supply 12 bottles (6 of each) and these will be distributed between the other members of the group, you will then receive in return a bottle of every other beer from the other members of the group. You don’t have to submit two beers although this is preferable but if you only have one then you will just provide 6 bottles.


There are no rules on beer styles, just submit whatever you have.


Please note that this is dependent on any Covid restrictions that may be in place, but, there will be a nominated central hub where all beers will need to be dropped off and collected from during the last week of March. If a few people in your local area are involved then we will arrange a local hub and will coordinate the swap between these hubs and the central hub.

All beers to be delivered in 330ml or 500ml bottles and labelled with the style and your name, full logistics for this will be communicated in due course.

Tasting Session

We will run online tasting sessions, during which we will sample a selection of the beers, get information from the brewer and give feedback in return, all good fun. Further details on these sessions will be circulated closer to the time within the groups.

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in joining in and have some great beers to share then do please let us know by accepting this invite using the buttons on the left. You can also leave a comment below if you want to let us know what beers you plan to share.

When you register your interest you will be invited to join a group on our Slack chat system where all logistcs and meeting information will be shared.

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5 thoughts on “Beer swap and tasting

  1. Hi all, this is my 1st beer swap. Just wondering about the logistics of dropping off and collection as I’m based closer to Southend. Is it a case of dropping off and collecting on different days or would there be an opportunity to drop off and collect at the same time? Cheers

    1. Hi Greg and welcome! We typically have a central location in Colchester where items are dropped sorted and collected from again. We have groups in various areas so usually ask people that are close to each other to get together before hand and have one person do the drop and swap for that area. We then do the full swap in one go so if there is no one close to then it should be okay for you to join the combined swap, although this will be dependent on what restrictions there are on people meeting up at the time. We will send out an email in due course with further details.

  2. I am in Braintree so can act as daisy chain, also we can arrange a Chelmsford hub for you I think. You drop of there and then pick up later, Rochford to Chelmsford 35 mins. I can do that for you if need be, we can meet up on 26th and I deliver to Tony on 27th and pick up you case, then we just need to arrange a date to meet up again. Also we have members in Chelmsford so someone else maybe able to meet you there too. I am sure we will make it work. Thanks Greg

  3. If you want to drop and pick up on same day then you can go to Tony in Colchester otherwise. But you would have to get there at a fixed time period.

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