Welcome to the new ACB members website

After a lot of discussions and the demise of the often moaned about – but rather useful groupSpaces – we decided it was time to start a new relationship with more love than hate.

The Anglian Craft Brewers members site aims to be the place for us all (members and non-members) to keep up-to-date on the latest “ACB” news and events.

Everyone is welcome to join in and help make Anglian Craft Brewers a better club.

Aims for the new site

This is where you’ll come to and find out what’s going on in our part of the county and hopefully support the ever-growing band of craft and home brewers.

This members site aims to be a useful resource for all brewers – old and new. The club intends to keep it updated with content and resources for all the members.

If you are interested in contributing with blog articles about anything brewing-related, maybe your latest award-winning recipe? Please submit your articles by email: mailto:[email protected]